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How Can I Add New Members to My Account?

If you are not working alone on a project, or just want to give someone access to your Friendly Captcha account, you should add them to the account.
To do so, navigate to Dashboard >> Settings >> Members.

Here you can enter the email address of the person you want to invite. You can also select the role that the person will have.

1. Enter the email 2. Select the role 3. send the invite

There are two possible roles Admin and Member. An admin has all rights and can therefore do everything. A member can do almost everything, except add new members or delete existing ones.

If you have entered everything, you only have to press the button Add member and an invitation email will be sent.

The invitation email

The invited person must then click on the accept link. In the newly opened page, the person can enter their name and a new account will be created.

Updated on: 22/09/2023

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