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How Are the Puzzle Requests Counted?

When a user requests a puzzle via the Friendly Captcha widget, this corresponds to a puzzle request. By default, as soon as the user starts filling a form, the widget requests a puzzle and it starts getting solved automatically.

The number of requests corresponds to the "Puzzle Get" count on the "Usage Stats" page.

Note: The number of "Puzzle Get" is not automatically the number of requests on your plan. It only shows how many requests you have had in the last 30 days.

Please note that we have a built-in basic headless browser detection that filters very simple automated bots. This functionality prevents puzzle requests from being started in such cases. Simple bots are thus not counted as a puzzle request.

If you exceed the monthly limits, we will send you an automatic email asking you to upgrade your account. You will then have two weeks to choose a higher plan.

Friendly Captcha functionality will remain fully operational during this period. Of course, our team will be by your side in this case to discuss your options together with you.

Updated on: 29/08/2023

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