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Why Do I Get an “Endpoint Not Enabled” or “403 Forbidden” Error for the Widget?

The Error occurs when the wrong Endpoint is used for the requesting the puzzle in the widget.


To find out which endpoint should be used for verification you can check your application in the Friendly Captcha dashboard.

Go to Dashboard >> Applications and click on the application where the error occurs. In the settings, you can find the endpoint selection.

The endpoint which has the blue frame is the one which is currently active. You can select either one or both of the endpoints if you are using one of our professional plans.

Here you can see how to select it

If you have found out the appropriate endpoint you have to check the Widget and your Post-Request that the right URL is used.

In the documentation you can find the guide for changing the endpoint in the Widget and the Post-Request

If the error still occurs, feel free to contact our support team

Updated on: 07/02/2023

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