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How Can I Operate the Usage Stats Page?

In the Usage Stats you can find all useful information about your requests. You can find graphs and charts of the requests and their origin.

Usage Stats Overview

At the top you will find a graph which shows you the overall usage of your organization.
It is possible to download the data in different formats. The download icon exports the data day by day in CSV format.
The icon with the three dashes below the download symbol gives you the possibility to save the graph as SVG or PNG.

There are three categories in which the data can be displayed:

PUZZLE GET: This is the total number of requests you got on all your applications. It represents the number of times the widget started its operation and thus requested a puzzle from our servers.
SITEVERIFY: This is the number of requests which were successfully sent to our verification API. It represents the total number of forms submitted from your website.
SITEVERIFY SUCCESS: This is the total number of requests sent to our verification API that received a success response. It represents the number of forms that were successfully submitted to you.


In the top right corner, you will find two possibilities to filter the graph.

The first filter is for the time period which is displayed in the graph.

Filter by Time

The second filter offers the possibility to change the view based on the applications you have created on the applications section.

Filter by application


Under the first graph there are additional charts which give you more information about the usage of your Friendly Captcha account.
All these charts respond to the filters you entered above.

Graph Section

Updated on: 13/03/2023

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