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What Is Smart-Difficulty-Scaling?

If you have subscribed to our Advanced or Enterprise Plan, you have access to the Smart Difficulty feature.
We will answer here what this feature does and how to configure it.

What is Smart-Difficulty

Smart Difficulty Scaling is an advanced security feature of Friendly Captcha.

Every second, a large amount of requests is processed through our systems. Smart Difficulty Scaling uses advanced algorithms based on additional signals to dynamically scale the difficulty of the cryptographic puzzles played out.

As a result, suspicious requesters have to spend more processor resources to solve the puzzles and the security level is increased.

How to activate Smart-Difficulty

First of all you need an account which is subscribed to an Advanced or Enterprise Plan.

After you have created an application, you will be able to activate the Smart Difficulty Scaling option in the application settings.

Activate the Smart Difficulty feature by clicking on it (if it's blue framed, it is already on)

If you see "upgrade required" and you have an active Advanced or Enterprise Plan, please contact us via the contact form.

You can set the initial difficulty in the advanced options. You can set values from 2 to 100.

Here you can set the initial difficulty

At value 2 the estimated solve time on a laptop is 0.29 seconds. At value 100 it is 14.58 seconds.

Updated on: 22/09/2023

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